Bought a necklace and earring set as a present for my sisters birthday. I chose the set because it was exactly the type of thing that my sister likes to wear (lovely colours and great design). It’s also the type of jewellery that can’t easily be found in high street shops. My sister is very pleased with the set and wears them together or individually all the time. The set was great value for money and looks and feels like it should be more expensive.

Dave, Cambridge


Delighted to let you know I have received the beautiful necklace set this morning!  It really made me feel like I am connecting to the Heart of Mother Earth and all Her Jewels.  It has a Earth Energy feel to it, which I love.

Amelda, London


I really like the colour of my necklace and earring set.  It sits nicely on the neck and is unusual.  it is also unique and it is not like the typical jewellery you get in the shops.

Esther, Essex


I got a macramé bracelet from DCI Gemstone Jewellery, as it’s handmade you can really see the attention to detail, it is very neat. What a quality bracelet!

Lana, London


I have purchased 3 necklace and earring sets from DCI Gemstone Jewellery, I just couldn’t resist! I really like the fact that all the designs are unique and that they really enhance my outfits! I get several compliments as a result.
They make lovely gifts too, I bought one for my cousin as a present and she loved it!  She was like “I have never been given any real jewellery before!”.  I would definitely recommend this jewellery, it’s great value and great quality!  

Anthea, Cambridge 


I bought a necklace and earring set for my Mum.  She loves it and wears it whenever she can.  She’s very impressed with the workmanship considering it was  handmade.  I found customer service to be excellent too!

Steve, Bury St Edmonds

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